30 Apr 2019
Mahwah NJ Radon Testing Services

Bergen County Mold Testing Advice: Be Aware of Mold Testing Scams Bergen County mold testing advice includes the warning to be aware of mold testing scams. “Do it yourself” always sounds great, until it isn’t. Likewise, not everyone is up to the task of mold testing. An awareness of what mold testing means is important […]

22 Apr 2019
Bergen County mold testing

Does Mold Have A Smell? | Mahwah Mold Testing Services   One of the most common questions the Bergen County Mold Testers at Certified Mold Testing, NJ hear is, “does mold have a smell?” When prompted with an unusual scent in your home, your first thought may be Mold. Unfortunately, the scent isn’t a perfect […]