10 Mar 2020
NJ mold testing

New Jersey Mold Testing: Difference Between Mold and Mildew New Jersey mold testing specialists often get asked whether there is a difference between mold and mildew. The short answer is “yes!”. However, there are similarities as well. Knowing the difference between the two is helpful but, if you are not sure, Certified Mold Testing LLC […]

20 Jan 2020
New Jersey Mold testing

Is New Jersey Mold Testing Covered By Homeowners Insurance? Is New Jersey mold testing covered by homeowner’s insurance? The answer is a definite maybe because every policy is different. Furthermore, the root cause of an issue with a home is what determines coverage. Therefore, knowing what caused the mold and understanding your insurance coverage is […]

11 Dec 2019
NJ mold testing

NJ Mold Testing: Mold Among 4 Common Home Health Hazards Mold testing will detect mold, which is among the four most common home health hazards. The four most common health hazards include lead paint, radon, carbon monoxide, and mold. When present, these gases, the element, or the fungi can affect the health of the inhabitants […]

11 Nov 2019
NJ Mold Testing

NJ Mold Testing: Is Bleach the Answer to Eliminating Mold? This week’s NJ mold testing question: is bleach the answer to eliminating mold? Answer: Yes! … and no. Bleach can easily kill visible mold on counters, floors, and in the refrigerator. But, these surfaces need to be non-porous. Porous surfaces like carpet, curtains, furniture, and […]

06 Nov 2019
NJ mold testing

Mold Testing and Mold Remediation: The Conflict of Interest!   What is Mold Testing?   Mold testing and mold remediation present a possible conflict of interest. They are very specifically different practices! Understanding the difference between the two is essential to clarify how there could be a conflict or compromise. On the surface the two […]

08 Oct 2019
Professional NJ mold testing Bergen County mold testing

Professional Mold Testing Versus a Do-It-Yourself Mold Testing Kit Professional NJ mold testing versus a do-it-yourself mold testing kit, is there a difference? In short, yes! You may discover mold (or not) with a mold testing kit. However, the extent of the mold, the exact locations of mold and the specific types of mold may […]

05 Sep 2019
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Common Hiding Spots For Mold ⎮ Mold Inspector Bergen County NJ There are common hiding spots for mold and our NJ mold inspectors know where to look! The question is, however, if mold is hidden, how do you know that you need a mold inspection?  There are several telling signs that your home may have […]