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Mold In The Home Bergen County NJThe question “Why Is Mold Growing In My Home?” is posed to every NJ mold inspector when mold is first discovered. Many homeowners do not understand the devastation mold can cause nor the steps needed to eradicate it from homes. When mold is discovered and the ramifications are learned this can be devastating to a family.

Why Is Mold Growing In My Home?

Mold is likely present because of wet conditions or pervasive dampness. While this means that mold is more common in humid, wet areas of the country, it can exist anywhere where water exists. A leaky roof, leaky pipes, or groundwater soaking into a foundation can all result in mold. If you have experienced any leaking or flooding in your home, you should contact an experienced Bergen County, NJ, mold inspection service to examine whether mold is growing in the aftermath.

Once the mold is present, it wants to reproduce! And while you may feel that removing a carpet with mold underneath or removing wallpaper lined with mold on its backside will do the trick, it could cause the spread of mold. Mold spores are how mold reproduces, and these invisible spores enter the air when disturbed. Nothing disturbs mold more than shaking various things in the process of removing it.

When you ask yourself why mold is growing in your NJ home, consider whether you had a leak and whether you dried it quickly or let it dry on its own. From here, did you disturb the mold, thereby allowing the mold spores to spread and reproduce? Mold starts in a wet environment and grows from there. Keeping crawl spaces dry, for example, can help avoid to mold growth.

A Bergen County, NJ, mold inspector can ascertain if you have a problem with mold in your home; from here, you can examine whether the issue will get worse. Perhaps you have a crack in the foundation which will continue to let water seep into your home.  Regardless, discovering why mold is growing in your home is half the battle; following this up with a mitigation company is essential for returning it to a healthy home.

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