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When should you test for mold? When should you get a mold test done? It’s a good question. Mold can often be visible and visibly cleared away. A great example is mold in a shower. You may notice black mold built up along caulk or grout lines. You might also notice how easy it is […]

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Most Common Mold Hiding Spots Knowing the most common mold hiding spots is helpful when looking for mold. Knowing where mold hides also helps to avoid mold in the first place. Mold loves to hide. Sometimes these hiding places are easy to find, other times not so much. The key to finding mold and its […]

NJ mold testing

New York Mold The types of mold found in New York include hidden mold, visible mold, and airborne mold. While mold is present and necessary in the natural environment it is most unwelcome inside of a home. Unfortunately the presence of mold is not always obvious. The biggest concern with mold is health related but […]

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New Jersey Mold Mold found in New Jersey includes hidden mold, visible mold, and airborne mold. Mold is present in its varied forms outside in the natural environment and serves a needed and necessary biological purpose. When mold is present inside a home, whether visible or invisible, concerns arise. While health issues may or not […]

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Household Mold Related Health Problems Health issues that can be caused by Household Mold include respiratory issues, allergies, and infections. While Some mold is visible an odor, other mold is airborne and invisible. The biggest mold related health problems can arise from the invisible airborne mold. In this instance the mold spores are in the […]

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Summer Mold, High Heat & Moisture Brings Seasonal Mold Summer is here and high heat and moisture can bring seasonal mold to your home. From wet towels and bathing suits to condensation created by air conditioning, dampness combined with heat and humidity create an environment for summer mold to not only grow but to also […]

NJ mold testing

Mold Testing Important Step Before Remediation Mold testing before is an important step to take before remediation. Remediation will be the removal of the mold from a home or building but a mold remediation specialist will have no idea the breadth of the problem if thorough testing isn’t completed beforehand. A certified NJ mold testing […]

NJ mold testing

Mold Testing and Mold Remediation, Potential Conflict of Interest What is Mold Testing?   Mold testing and mold remediation present a possible conflict of interest. They are very specifically different practices! Understanding the difference between the two is essential to clarify how there could be a conflict or compromise. On the surface the two separate […]