22 Apr 2019
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Does Mold Have A Smell? | Mahwah Mold Testing Services


Does Mold Have A Smell? | Mahwah NJ Mold Testing


One of the most common questions the Bergen County Mold Testers at Certified Mold Testing, NJ hear is, “does mold have a smell?” When prompted with an unusual scent in your home, your first thought may be Mold. Unfortunately, the scent isn’t a perfect indicator of the presence of mold. Sometimes mold does have a smell, but not always. The fact that mold does not always smell can make it difficult for a homeowner to detect. A professional NJ mold tester understands that smell does not reveal the extent of the existence of mold in your home. Hiring the services of Certified Mold Testing LLC can ensure that you know whether mold exists on your home and, if so, just how widespread its presence is.

What Does Mold Smell Like?

When mold does have a smell it is typically a musty odor. If you smell a musty scent, you should hire an experienced New Jersey Mold Testing Service to help you decipher the smell and plan your course of action. While this odor is a sign of the presence of mold, it does not guarantee that mold exists. Additionally, while the musty smell of mold may only be noticed in a specific area, it may be present elsewhere as well. There are two types of mold, visible and invisible. When mold is visible and has an odor, its base existence is clear. However, it is very possible for mold to be rampant while also odorless and invisible.

What makes mold smell?

Mold grows through invisible spores in the air. Gasses are released as it grows and spreads, sometimes releasing a musty odor into the air. These gasses are called microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC). The gasses produce a smell similar to the musty aroma found in damp places like basements and under refrigerators. When you smell mustiness call Certified Mold Testing NJ, LLC to find out if mold exists.

The tricky thing about the MVOCs is that sometimes the smell is present and sometimes it is not. Furthermore, sometimes a musty odor is only a musty odor and sometimes it means mold is present. When there is no visible sign of mold and there is no smell at all it is more difficult to suspect mold. Furthermore, mold often grows in hidden places, like inside walls, under carpets, and inside heating and vent ducts.

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