18 Aug 2023


Mahwah NJ Mold Testing and Re-Testing Services


Finding Mold In The Home


When you think mold is forming in your home, either by seeing it or smelling it, getting your environment tested is important. Often the formation of mold is invisible and odor-free. Mold in the home can be the cause of allergies and at times more serious illness. Mold Testing NJ-NY is an experienced and knowledgeable mold testing service working in Bergen County NJ and nearby areas. We are fully certified and work to ensure accuracy in our testing process. We utilize several different types of testing. How do we test for mold in NJ? By testing the air and surfaces in your home in a comprehensive search for signs of mold growth.


How Do We Test?


Air Testing – this involves taking samples from the air in your home and examining them under a microscope. The mold spores in the air are not visible and this type of testing can reveal mold that you cannot see.

Surface Testing – We take samples from surfaces throughout your home. This is accomplished mainly by swabbing and tape lifting. These samples are examined in a laboratory.

Bulk Testing – This type of testing is done by collecting larger samples, possibly portions of drywall, carpet, wood trim or wallpaper. These samples are taken to a laboratory where the particles can be thoroughly examined. This can determine the amount of concentration of mold particles.

Culture Testing – We take mold found in the home and place it in a culture dish in a lab where it grows. This allows us to determine the species of mold, as well as whether the mold in your home is alive. Even though dead mold won’t spread, it can still cause allergies and illness.


Be Pro-Active About The Health Of Your Family


Mold testing allows you to know whether mold is actually present and what type of mold it is. We often start with one type of testing and find we need to do further testing to reveal the details of the mold growth. Complete testing for mold is important to locate the mold, but it is also important to re-test after remediation to be sure the mold has been fully removed. It benefits you and your family to enlist the services of a certified mold testing service to determine whether mold is present in your home. Mold Testing NJ-NY is very active in Bergen County NJ and other nearby areas. Allow us to help you keep your home free of mold, mycotoxins and other indoor contaminants that can affect your health. Call us today at (201) 658-8881 for a comprehensive Mold Test.