20 Jan 2020
Mahwah NJ Mold Testing Service

Is New Jersey Mold Testing Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

New Jersey mold testing

Is New Jersey mold testing covered by homeowner’s insurance? The answer is a definite maybe because every policy is different. Furthermore, the root cause of an issue with a home is what determines coverage. Therefore, knowing what caused the mold and understanding your insurance coverage is important and a good place to start.

A NJ mold testing service will be able to test your home for mold, determine the extent of its existence, and how and where it started.

How Did Mold Appear In The Home?

Knowing the genesis of the mold will determine whether your homeowner’s insurance policy covers the damage. Ultimately, mold appears for a variety of reasons; however, all of these reasons will involve some type of dampness. Consequently, the cause of the dampness in a home needs to be realized.

Certified Mold Testing is your Bergen County mold testing service that will ensure that you know the root cause of the mold in your home.

Where Did The Moisture Come From

The moist conditions that make mold thrive come are born from a variety of events. The most common are plumbing problems, a leaky roof, and cracks in the foundation.  All of these can cause moisture in a home. Additionally, freezing temperatures and excessive rain have the ability to burst pipes, flood basements and infiltrate structures. As a result, whenever water damage occurs it is always a good idea to test for mold.

What Are The Covered Perils In Your Policy?

Not every insurance policy is the same. Your policy could have either named perils or all perils in its coverage. Perils are listed individually in policies that have a named perils clause. However, an all perils clause does not necessarily mean that everything is covered. A list of exclusions will be included with a policy that has all perils or open perils coverage.

Regardless of what type of coverage you have, if you have mold you need to know the cause of the mold to determine whether it is a covered peril. It’s where professional NJ mold testers come in.

Learn More About NJ Mold Testing

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ-NY LLC today to learn more about mold testing in New Jersey homes. Our experienced testing professionals can determine whether mold exists and its genesis. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to mold and whether your New Jersey mold testing will be covered by your insurance policy.