11 Dec 2019
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NJ Mold Testing: Mold Among 4 Common Home Health Hazards

Bergen County NJ mold testing

Mold testing will detect mold, which is among the four most common home health hazards. The four most common health hazards include lead paint, radon, carbon monoxide, and mold. When present, these gases, the element, or the fungi can affect the health of the inhabitants of a home.

Additionally, each of these four health hazards can be invisible and exist without awareness, often until it is too late. Another commonality is that each of these culprits requires testing. Certified Mold Testing, the premier Bergen County NJ mold testing company, will determine whether mold exists in your home and, if so, just how widespread its presence is.

Can You Avoid These Health Hazards?

Radon in a New Jersey home is controlled through mitigation. Testing is essential and is recommended when remodel work has taken place and often undertaken as part of a real estate transaction. Radon is a gas that exists in the earth and the only way to deal with it is the installation of a system that draws it out of a home.

Carbon monoxide is the only hazard on this list that can be determined with a simple detection system. Carbon monoxide detectors are highly recommended and should be on each floor of a home. These detectors can be plugged into a standard outlet.

Lead paint exists in older homes but will not be found in new construction. Every purchase of home built prior to 1978 should include testing for lead. Eliminating lead paint from a home requires professional removal but once it is eliminated properly it will not return.

Mold thrives in damp conditions and, as such, can return after remediation. Furthermore, keeping a home dry is truly the only way to avoid attracting mold to a home. Mold can be tricky, hiding in walls, under flooring, in the air, and in fabrics. As a result, when mold is suspected to be present an experienced NJ mold tester should be called to locate exactly where it is hiding.

Testing is a Critical Step in Keeping Homes Hazard Free

Testing is necessary to determine whether health hazards exist in a home. Mold testing New Jersey homes can ensure that a plan can be set in place to eliminate it if it is present. Ultimately, invisible hazards can invade a home and make it toxic for its inhabitants. Take care of your family by understanding the signs and hire the appropriate testing service when you suspect a health hazard exists in your home!

Learn More About NJ Mold Testing

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