19 Feb 2019
NJ mold inspection

If I Get A Home Inspections, Do They Test For Mold?

NJ mold inspection

Home buyers – have you wondered whether Mold Testing is included in an NJ home inspection? When buying a home, it is of utmost importance to ensure your new home is in perfect, healthy condition for you, your family and your pets. Home inspectors exist to help ensure that everything is in order prior to purchasing a home.  However, the main focus is typically in the structural integrity of the home. That begs the question, do you need to hire both a Mold Testing company AND a home inspector?

What Does A Home Inspection Typically Cover?

Home Inspectors exist to determine any issues with a house prior to purchasing or selling. Aspects such as the condition of the roof, foundation, piping, appliances, and even the heating & cooling system are checked. However, Home Inspectors are not directly looking to discover mold. Although visible mold will be seen and noted, it takes a professional mold testing company like Certified Mold Testing NJ to discover any hidden, or difficult to find mold.

Mold is tricky because of how it spreads – Mold reproduces via invisible mold spores in the air. These invisible particles can float anywhere air reaches within your home. Mold also thrives in dark, warm and moist locations. These locations are typically the least traveled. Therefore if mold is noted in your home inspection report – its recommended to reach out to a mold testing company to inspect the extent, location and suggested steps for remediation.

The Home Inspection Noted Signs of Mold – What Should I Do?

In the event that your home inspector found visible mold inside of the home you are purchasing or planning to sell, it’s important to reach out a Mold Remediation company as quickly as possible. Remediation companies will be able to remove the mold inside of your home and help to prevent further growth. However, following mold remediation, it’s important to hire a Mold Testing service such as Certified Mold Testing. While visible mold can be easily removed by a remediation company, it’s hard to ensure that hidden mold isn’t present too.

Why Hire An NJ Mold Testing Company?

Mold can cause major health problems to a home and its inhabitants. As such, it is critical to hire an expert NJ mold tester to determine whether your home or your home-to-be has a mold issue. The NJ mold testing services provided by Certified Mold Testing Service NJ, LLC can ensure that if mold is present in your home you know where and how much empowering you to find the right mold remediation company for your specific needs

Take The Next Step When A Home Inspector Finds Signs of Mold

Contact our team at Certified Mold today to learn more NJ mold testing. We welcome the opportunity to fill you in on the process, including how we work with local home inspectors. Let our knowledge and experience help you discover whether mold is present in your home. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ LLC is the premier mold testing service in New Jersey and New York.