16 Mar 2021

Mold Or Mildew? – Similar But Different


Mold and Mildew are similar in that they are both members of the fungus family. They both grow in dampness. It is easy to mistake one for the other, especially if you don’t know the difference. They are different in appearance, such as in color, form and size. How you go about eliminating them is also a major difference between the two. Mold Testing NJ-NY staff members know the difference between mold or mildew, and can advise you as to how to get rid of each one.




Mahwah NJ Mold TestingMildew generally grows on the surface, being attracted to wet areas. It grows flat and is typically black inside the home. Mildew is usually found on countertops, walls, and on any surface that is porous of susceptible to liquid. Mildew can also be found in a powdery form on plants, or as spots on food like grapes or apples. Mildew is easy to wipe clean with household cleaning products.




Mahwah NJ Mold Testing ServicesMold often has more interesting textures. Mold can have a fuzzy appearance with colors ranging from green to gray to black. Mold can be hidden, unlike mildew which is usually visible on surfaces. Mold can grow within walls, under carpets, and in the air. Because of these factors, mold is trickier to spot and eradicate.

Nobody likes to see the presence of mold or mildew. Because mildew is so easy to clean up it is less of a threat. You can usually eliminate the cause of the mildew easily. Mold, however can become more of a health threat. When it is hidden, mold continuously produces spores and can spread. Unless the mold has an odor or is visible, you probably won’t know it exists. That is why it is important to have any suspicious growth investigated and tested.


Call In A Professional Mold Testing Service


Mold Testing NJ-NY mold testing service is available to Bergen County and surrounding area homeowners. We welcome the opportunity to show you the process involved. Our knowledge and experience can determine whether you have a mildew or mold problem. We can then advise you about how to go about cleaning up the mildew, or calling in a mold remediation service to get rid of the mold. Testing comes first though and you can reach Mold Testing NJ-NY at (201) 658-8881.