30 Jun 2018
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Mold Testing and Mold Remediation, Avoid Conflict of Interest

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When it comes to mold testing and mold remediation it is important to avoid conflict of interest. Mold testing and mold remediation are two separate tasks and should be conducted by two separate companies. The conflict of interest is when one company tells you they will take care of both, testing and remediation. An experienced and certified NJ mold testing company will never tell you they will handle the remediation as well.

What is mold testing?

A Bergen County mold tester will check a home for mold, either because a homeowner suspects mold is present or perhaps as part of a routine home inspection. Mold is both visible and invisible, in plain sight and hiding. As a result, determining how widespread the issue is important. An NJ mold testing specialist will test a home for both invisible mold and visible mold. There are a number of methods used to locate mold as well as to determine the depth of the issue.

What is mold remediation?

Mold remediation is the process of eliminating mold from a home. The process for remediation is determined by what type of mold is discovered through the testing process. Eliminating mold from behind a wall or underneath carpeting is different from capturing airborne mold spores, for example.

Why not hire one company to do it all?

Mold is a serious issue and requires integrity. Mold can cause serious health issues when it takes over a home. It can be in the walls, under flooring, and in the air. The spores can be breathed into your lungs. A Bergen County mold testing company is one part of the process in determining the presence and extent of the issue. A company’s credibility can come into question when they are used to test for mold, remediate mold, and then re-test to ensure the mold has been eradicated. This creates a potential conflict of interest.

After a home has undergone mold remediation it is critical to conduct another mold test. A specialized NJ/NY mold tester can ensure accuracy. If the remediation company that removed the mold from your home conducts a follow-up test it the results can come into question. Are they willing to admit failure? Certified Mold Testing of Bergen County offers post-remediation verification that can help you and your family sleep well at night, knowing the mold has been eradicated.

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Contact Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC today if you suspect mold in your home. As an experienced mold testing company serving New Jersey and New York, we understand mold and how to find it.  old testing If mold is present then mold remediation will be the next step in the process. Taking the time to understand the three-step process is important for your home’s health as well as your family’s health. Test, remediate, and conduct a follow-up test. Let Certified Mold Testing be your New Jersey mold testing service of choice.