11 Nov 2019
Mahwah NJ Using Bleach To Clean Away Mold

NJ Mold Testing: Is Bleach the Answer to Eliminating Mold?

Bergen County NJ Mold Testing

This week’s NJ mold testing question: is bleach the answer to eliminating mold? Answer: Yes! … and no. Bleach can easily kill visible mold on counters, floors, and in the refrigerator. But, these surfaces need to be non-porous. Porous surfaces like carpet, curtains, furniture, and the like need other remediation tactics to eradicate mold. A New Jersey mold testing service will evaluate your home to determine whether mold exists and where it exists.

Ultimately, testing helps a mold remediation company determine a course of action for extermination. If any!

Test For Mold In Bergen County NJ homes

Mold is both visible and invisible. As a result, testing is absolutely necessary. If you do not know that mold is present then you cannot get rid of it. It is the invisible mold that is the tough part. Obviously, the invisible mold cannot be killed by bleach. Therefore, testing NJ homes for mold is the most important first step, laying the groundwork necessary for its elimination.

If Bleach Doesn’t Work What Else Is There?

Bleach is a great cleaner and can kill mold on the right surface. For example, bleach can clean up and kill mold that you can see and access on hard surfaces like tile, enamel, glass, plastic, and metals. However, bleach cannot eliminate mold from an entire home, especially airborne mold and mold that is hidden under carpets and inside of walls. Luckily other products will work on porous surfaces. Vinegar is a great alternative for killing mold, working on wood, wallboard, and the like. The most important thing is to know where mold exists. You need to hire a reputable Bergen County mold testing service to create a map of the mold in your home!

Mold can greatly affect the health of a home and its inhabitants. Therefore, it is essential to have your home tested for mold when you see or suspect signs of mold. Once you have your report you can hire a mold extermination company to develop and follow through with a plan to eradicate the mold.

Learn More About NJ Mold Testing Services

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ LLC today to learn more about inspecting for mold in New Jersey homes. Our mold testing professionals have the expertise to detect the exact location of mold. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to mold detection. We look forward to answering all of your NJ mold testing questions.