11 Oct 2020

What Does a Bergen County NJ Mold Inspector Do?


mold testing njFor Mold Testing the EPA recommends that a certified mold testing professional by called upon. Knowing how the mold testing process is accomplished will probably make you want to follow this advice. Mold Testing NJ-NY is one of the most experienced mold testing services in Bergen County NJ, and we will by happy to explain the process so that you know what to expect during a mold test.  Call us for the most professional Bergen County mold testing.


It’s a 5 Step Process


1. Visual Inspection

Testing begins with a visual inspection. This is important for finding the mold and where it originated. Mold is sometimes hidden in hard-to-see areas, so while a visual inspection is essential, there is more to testing for mold.

2. Air Testing

Mold spores in the air are a sign of mold issues in your house. They can cause illness for the inhabitants.

3. Surface Testing

Surface testing would include swab samples or tape samples from surfaces that are sent to a lab for analysis.

4. Bulk Testing

This is when there is a large area of mold that cannot be identified. This usually involves taking a piece of carpet, drywall or tile from your home and sending it to a lab for analysis.

5. Culture Testing

Often the type of mold found is not clearly identified. This involves obtaining a sample and letting it grow into a larger culture in order to discover its identity.


Although the methods and tools used for mold testing may vary from company to company, the biggest difference is between do-it-yourself kits and professional service. A certified mold testing professional will help you understand the risks of mold. Also, when mold has been discovered and remediated, it is important to deal with the root cause of the mold problem. If the initial source of the mold is not identified and taken care of, the mold will keep returning.


Call on the Experts | Mold Inspector Bergen County NJ


If you live in Bergen County NJ and think you have mold issues, call Mold Testing NJ-NY for a thorough investigation. An experienced mold testing service has access to the tools necessary for collecting samples. Mold spreads without notice and affects the indoor air quality of your home. It can cause illness. Our team inspects for mold, we do not remediate the problem. We do recommend corrective procedures when deemed necessary. Let the professionals at Mold Testing NJ-NY share their expertise and help guide you in the process of restoring your Bergen County home to a happy, healthy environment. We can be reached at (201) 658-8881.