Rockland County New York Mold Testing Services by ‘Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC’

Rockland County New York Mold Testing Services by ‘Certified Mold Testing NJ - NY LLC'Rockland County New York is located on the west side of the Hudson River and is the southernmost county in the state and the second smallest county in the state. Rockland County is a densely populated county, in fact the third most densely populated county in the state outside of New York City. Only nine miles northwest of Manhattan the county is convenient and accessible, making it a desirable place to call home.  Homeowners in the area rest easy knowing mold issues can be detected by enlisting our Rockland County New York mold testing services at ‘Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC’.
The history of Rockland County stems back to the aboriginal and indian tribes that included the Munsees, and the Lenni Lenape .  The first European settlers of the area were Dutch.  Numerous homes in the area date back to the early settlement days and are historical landmarks paying homage to the Dutch style of architecture seen in the red sandstone houses.  Older homes in Rockland County may face mold problems.  Mold detection is essential for healthy homes and Rockland County New York mold testing can be conducted by ‘Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC’.
Roughly one third of the Rockland County is parkland.  The county is home to seven (7) state parks:  Bear Mountain State Park, Blauvelt State Park, Harriman State Park, High Tor State Park, Nyack Beach State Park, Rockland Lake State Park, and Tallman Mountain State Park.  These state parks offer a variety of opportunities for residents and visitors, including biking, hiking, boating, picnicking, swimming, cross-country skiing, cross-country running, sledding and ice skating.  The abundance of open space lends itself well to a healthy and active lifestyle.  Residents can keep their homes healthy with the help of ‘Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC’.  Revealing mold issues, including black mold and invisible mold, can help lead to it removal and help eradicate issues that can compromise a family’s health.
Rockland County New York is a thriving, diverse community.  Its close proximity to Manhattan makes it a wise choice for commuters but its amenities make it an attractive place to call home.  Great educational options, a diverse population, numerous recreational and cultural activities, and a dedication to open space make Rockland County a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  Families can rest easy knowing mold services can be provided by ‘Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC’.  Knowing mold exists allows homeowners the opportunity to get it remediated, allowing families to maintain safe and healthy lives in Rockland County.