How to Avoid Mold Testing Scams | Bergen County Mold Testing Understanding how to avoid mold testing scams is helpful before hiring an NJ mold testing service to test your home for mold. Mold testing is supposed to reveal whether mold exists in a home. Furthermore, when testing uncovers the existence of mold it is […]

Bergen County Mold Testing

Is Mold Always Visible? | Bergen County Mold Testing   “Is mold always visible?” The answer is an emphatic no. In fact, the need to hire an NJ mold testing service like Certified Mold Testing, LLC stems from the fact that mold is not always visible to homeowners. Mold hides in the air, in the […]

NJ home inspectors look for mold

Do Home Inspectors Look for Mold? Do home inspectors look for mold? Not typically. If mold is visible it will be noted in an inspection report. However, the extent of mold’s presence will not be revealed without hiring a mold testing company. Most people conduct a home inspection as part of a real estate transaction. […]

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NJ Mold Testing Advice: Signs Your Home Has Mold Ready for a piece of NJ mold testing advice? Mold can reproduce without you even knowing it exists and knowing the signs your home has mold is important. Mold can affect the health of a home and of its inhabitants. As a result uncovering its existence […]

preventing mold

Preventing Mold After a Flood Preventing mold after a flood is important. Flooding wreaks havoc on building and homes so property owners want to ensure that mold is not present in the event of a flood. Furthermore, if mold IS present, then steps need to be taken to eradicate it from the home or building. […]