Mold is not always visible or readily detectable         Mold can be hidden and have no odor. It can exist and reproduce in your home without you knowing. As mold grows it can threaten the health of your family, and the integrity of the surfaces of your home. A qualified mold […]

Mold Is One Of The 4 Most Common Home Health Hazards   Testing will determine whether there is mold present in your home. Mold is one of theĀ  4 most common home health hazards, along with lead paint, radon, and carbon monoxide. If they are present, any one of these can affect the health of […]

Is Bleach the Way to Eliminate Mold?   The answer to “Does Bleach Eliminate Mold?” is yes, and no. Bleach can clean up mold on hard surfaces such as countertops, floors, walls, inside the refrigerator. Bleach cannot however clean hidden mold contained on porous surfaces such as carpets, drapes, furniture. There is also the problem […]

What Does a Bergen County NJ Mold Inspector Do?   For Mold Testing the EPA recommends that a certified mold testing professional by called upon. Knowing how the mold testing process is accomplished will probably make you want to follow this advice. Mold Testing NJ-NY is one of the most experienced mold testing services in […]

What Do The Professionals Do?   For mold testing the EPA recommends you hire a certified mold testing professional. Knowing how the mold testing process is done will probably make you want to follow this advice. Mold Testing NJ-NY is an experienced mold testing company, and we will happily explain the process so that you […]

Can Mold Be Prevented After a Flood?   There are measures that can be undertaken to prevent mold from forming and growing after you have had flooding in your house. First step is to find the source of the flooding. Basements are the areas most often flooded after heavy rainfall or major storms. If you […]

What Kinds Of Mold Exist in New Jersey?   Knowing that different types of mold exist in a given area help you determine what to look for. You will also learn how the mold can affect your home and the health of the people in it. Finding mold is not as easy as looking for […]

Mold Elimination Is A 3-Step Process   Eliminating mold from your home is a multi-step process. First step is to test for possible mold and determine where it is located and what caused it. Step number two would be to have the mold removed, this is known as remediation. Step number three is to have […]

Heat and Moisture Provide Ideal Conditions for MoldĀ    The weather is still cool even though it is late May. Summer temperatures will soon appear and that means hot and humid weather. Hot, humid conditions are just the environment mold and mildew thrive on. Any place in your home where moisture is allowed to collect […]