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Preventing Mold After a Flood Preventing mold after a flood is important. Flooding wreaks havoc on building and homes so property owners want to ensure that mold is not present in the event of a flood. Furthermore, if mold IS present, then steps need to be taken to eradicate it from the home or building. […]

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Can Mold Grow During Winter in NJ Homes? Can mold grow during winter in NJ homes? This is a common question. After all, it is understandable considering winter is the driest time of year and mold thrives in moist conditions. The reality is, however, that yes, mold can grow during winter. In fact many people […]

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New Jersey Mold Testing Experts | Can Bleach Kill Mold? New Jersey mold testing experts are often asked, can bleach kill mold? The answer is both “yes” and “no.” The ability for bleach to kill mold actually depends upon the surface. Bleach is a great killer of mold on nonporous surfaces. But, on porous surfaces […]

Symptoms of Household Mold

Symptoms of Household Mold Symptoms of household mold vary.  They include breathing issues, coughing or wheezing, headaches, itchy red eyes, or the appearance of a rash among other issues. Many homeowners may have mold and not know it is present. Also, many homeowners may have health problems and not realize that they are related to […]

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When should you test for mold? When should you get a mold test done? It’s a good question. Mold can often be visible and visibly cleared away. A great example is mold in a shower. You may notice black mold built up along caulk or grout lines. You might also notice how easy it is […]

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Most Common Mold Hiding Spots Knowing the most common mold hiding spots is helpful when looking for mold. Knowing where mold hides also helps to avoid mold in the first place. Mold loves to hide. Sometimes these hiding places are easy to find, other times not so much. The key to finding mold and its […]