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Certified Mold Inspections NJWhen you suspect that mold may be present in your home or that Air Quality is less healthy, whether you have seen it or not, it is important to have the home tested. Mold in homes is a big deal, the question is how does one test for it? ‘Mold Testing NJ-NY’ is a certified mold inspector and mold testing service, and will come and help to ensure accuracy in locating any presence of mold in your property. Our certified mold inspections utilize at least one, if not all, types of mold testing technique. We are Bergen County, NJ-based, but as ‘mold inspector’ we also serve Union CountyPassaic CountyHudson CountyEssex CountyMorris County, and Sussex County, NJ as well as Rockland County, NY, Orange County, and Westchester County, NY!


How Does A Certified Mold Inspector Test For Mold Or IAQ In A Home Or Property?


  • Air testing involves the examination of samples from the air in your home, examining under a microscope to see whether or not mold spores are present.  The mold spores in the air are invisible and this type of testing can reveal mold that is not visible otherwise.


  • Surface testing involves taking samples from a variety of surfaces throughout a home. These test samples are collected primarily by swabbing and tape lifting. The samples are then examined in a laboratory.


  • Bulk testing is done by collecting larger samples from a home, including portions of drywall, carpet, wood trim, or wallpaper. These samples will be taken to a laboratory where the mold particles can be thoroughly examined under a microscope. This kind of testing can determine the amount of concentration of mold particles in your home.


  • Culture testing takes mold found in your home and places it in a culture testing dish in a lab where it can grow. This allows you to find out the species of mold as well as whether the mold in your home is alive or not. While dead mold will not spread it has the capability of causing allergies and/or health issues.


Mold testing in NJ and NY, enables a homeowner to determine whether it is present in the home as well as what type of mold exists. Mold has a way of hiding and testing can reveal whether there is mold, where the mold exists, as well as the concentration. Often one type of testing is initiated and leads to further necessary testing to reveal the details. A thorough testing for mold in your home or property is important before locating any mold, but is ALSO important after any remediation to ensure that mold has been fully eradicated.  If you suspect mold is present in your home it is important for your health to enlist the services of a certified mold testing service like ‘Mold Testing NJ-NY.’


When To Inspect For Mold?

You should reach out for a mold inspection at the first sight of mold or just a musty odor, and/or after any water damage.

Does Mold Affect One’s Health?

Yes!, exposure to mold can cause serious health issues for some people.

How Accurate Is Mold Testing?

When utilizing the most modern strategies, mold testing provides extremely reliable results.