When Should I Evacuate Because Of Mold?

Are you wondering when you should evacuate your home because of the presence of mold?  If you have seen mold in your Mahwah NJ home and anyone in your household is experiencing wheezing, coughing, fatigue, or other symptoms you may want to play it safe and evacuate your home until you know what is going on.  If no one is sick you really cannot determine whether you need to evacuate your home at all until you have had mold testing completed.HVAC Panel Mold Image by Certified Mold NJ


It should be noted that evacuating a home because of mold is not common.  In the case where there are infants, elderly, or people suffering from asthma and severe allergies in a home that is undergoing mold remediation you may want to stay somewhere else until your NJ home has a clean bill of health.  There is a lot of talk about toxic mold and mold causing serious illness but it is important to remain calm and understand that while severe issues can occur they are rarer than not.  If anyone in your home has compromised health then play it safe and leave the home.

What Should I Do If Mold Is Causing Health Issues For My Family?

Your health is not something to mess with and professional testing for mold is highly recommended. If mold testing reveals the presence of mold and anyone in the home is showing signs of illness a visit to the doctor can help uncover whether mold is the culprit.  Not all mold is toxic yet if mold is discovered in a home it should be tested to reveal what type it is and what the health ramifications may be.  Mold testing services in Bergen County can determine the type(s) of mold that are present and this information can then be relayed to your doctor.

When mold removal is undertaken there is a chance that mold spores are released into the air, which can exacerbate illness and allergies.  While a professional mold service in Bergen County will take all necessary precautions to avoid the spread and further contamination of mold it never hurts to be careful when there is anyone with compromised health in a home.  Evacuation is not mandatory and rests with a homeowner’s best judgment on the sensitivity of those residing in a home.

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