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Mold Testing Services Bergen County NJ Hidden Mold ProblemsInvestigating hidden mold problems is the primary job of mold testing services like those offered by Certified Mold in Bergen County NJ. If mold is visibly present it leads to the question as to what may be invisible or hidden in a home. Much of mold’s job is to reproduce and this process is not visible to the human eye.  Unfortunately, hidden mold problems are just that, hidden and invisible to the naked eye, leading to unforeseen health issues. Investigating hidden mold issues in Bergen County homes is essential if there has been any indication of the presence of mold, whether by smell or sight.


Mold Testing Services Bergen County NJ Hidden Mold ProblemsMold loves to stay hidden, clinging to the backside of wallpaper, hiding inside of drywall, under carpets, and in the ceiling.  In addition, you may smell mold but may not know where it is hiding.  This is where the search begins but it is important to realize that this process needs to start armed with patience and knowledge. The biggest issue with investigating hidden mold is that the process needs to be done carefully. Disturbing mold can release hoards of mold spores into the air and it is these invisible particles that cause the biggest threat to your health as they are breathed in and out of your lungs.


A professional mold testing service has experience locating hidden mold in addition to having the proper equipment needed to identify mold. In addition to being educated in mold testing techniques, these professionals know how to reduce the likelihood of disturbing mold and have the proper safety equipment to handle the mold when found.


While knowing where mold likes to hide makes finding it relatively easy it is the process of finding it that can prove disruptive and lead to its spreading elsewhere in a home. As such the investigation of hidden mold problems is best left to professionals. Our NJ mold testing services can examine a home for mold issues and locate where they exist with as little disturbance as possible.


The most important thing to remember is that investigating hidden mold problems in your home requires taking precautionary measures. If done improperly the mold spores could spread rampantly throughout your home.  Contact us today to schedule your Mahwah NJ mold inspection today.

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