23 Feb 2024


Mahwah NJ - Mold In New Construction
Mold in Newly Built Homes


Newly constructed homes sometimes have mold forming in the walls and foundation. The builder may have been in a rush to finish a new home and didn’t allow enough time for the foundation to dry. Energy efficiency in new houses calls for tightly sealing them and this can also leave moisture trapped inside. Air flow and proper ventilation are a priority in new construction because trapped moisture causes mold to form.

Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Mold and VOC Inspection and Testing service. We offer this service to all homes, new construction included. We provide homeowners in Bergen County NJ and nearby areas, comprehensive Mold and Indoor Air Quality inspections which include inspection for VOCs.


What Are VOCs?


VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These can be emitted by building materials as well as carpeting, flooring, carpentry and paint. Furniture and cleaning products also emit VOCs. Why should you care about VOCs? They sometimes cause eye, nose and throat irritation, along with the possibility of resulting in more serious health conditions. It is incumbent upon homeowners to familiarize themselves with what products have high VOC levels. These levels are generally greater in new construction and do dissipate over time. Good ventilation of newly constructed houses is essential to avoid a buildup of VOCs.



Mold and VOC Inspection Should Be A Priority


Mold Testing NJ-NY recommends that you hire the services of a Mold and IAQ Inspection Service before moving into a newly built home. We are a certified and experienced Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing Service in Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas. We want your recently built home to have a healthy environment before you move in. For a Mold and IAQ Inspection, give us a call at (201) 658-8881 for an appointment.