15 Jul 2019

Summer Heat Brings Ideal Growing Conditions for Mold in NJ Homes   Summer heat brings ideal growing conditions for mold in NJ homes. Mold and mildew thrive in damp conditions and humidity can create the perfect environment. Summer in New Jersey means high temperatures and lots of humidity. In other words, summer offers mold the […]

28 Jun 2019

What Types of Mold Exist in New Jersey? Understanding what types of mold exist in New Jersey can help you understand not only what to look for, but also what kind of damage can occur in your home. Mold can cause serious problems to a home itself as well as to the people living inside. […]

30 May 2019
NJ modl testing

Professional Mold Testing vs. DIY Kits | Bergen County Mold Testing Service When it comes to NJ mold testing, the professional process is different than the do-it-yourself process. As one would expect, a professional mold testing service takes a more in-depth method. While it is certainly possible to test your home yourself, it is highly […]

30 Apr 2019
Bergen County mold testing

Bergen County Mold Testing Advice: Be Aware of Mold Testing Scams Bergen County mold testing advice includes the warning to be aware of mold testing scams. “Do it yourself” always sounds great, until it isn’t. Likewise, not everyone is up to the task of mold testing. An awareness of what mold testing means is important […]

22 Apr 2019
Bergen County mold testing

Does Mold Have A Smell? | Mahwah Mold Testing Services   One of the most common questions the Bergen County Mold Testers at Certified Mold Testing, NJ hear is, “does mold have a smell?” When prompted with an unusual scent in your home, your first thought may be Mold. Unfortunately, the scent isn’t a perfect […]

18 Mar 2019
Bergen County mold testing

Mold vs. Mildew – Similarities and Differences There are similarities and differences when it comes to mold and mildew. Firstly, both are members of the fungus family. At first glance, it would be easy to mistake one for the other. They both grow in damp conditions. However, looking a little deeper at the two, you […]

28 Feb 2019
NJ mold testing

NJ Mold Testing Q & A: What Are The Signs That Your Home Has Mold? What are the signs that your home has mold? Signs of mold include the visible and the invisible. It is this reason that taking any sign of mold seriously is critical. While visible mold may appear easy to eradicate it […]