17 Mar 2023

  Can You Use Bleach To Clean Up Mold?   Yes, bleach can be used to clean up mold that is found on hard surfaces where you can see it. However, bleach can’t be used to clean drapery, rugs or upholstered furniture. You also cannot remove the invisible mold that floats in the air with […]

28 Feb 2023

  Basic Tips For Preventing Mold From Forming   Mold forms, grows and thrives in moist conditions. Limiting the moisture inside your home is essential to prevent mold from forming. Mold Testing NJ-NY provides Bergen County NJ and nearby area homeowners with expert mold detection and testing. When you suspect you might have a mold […]

21 Feb 2023

Can Mold and VOCs Form in Newly Built Homes? When a house is constructed too rapidly, often the foundation doesn’t have sufficient time to dry and this can lead to trapped moisture. Many builders are on a schedule and move too fast. Trapped moisture can cause mold to form. When new homes are sealed tight […]

26 Jan 2023

      Where Does Mold Hide?   Your house has some areas that are more prone to develop mold than others. Often these areas are not heavily trafficked and you just don’t notice. Dark, wet places are where mold likes to form, such as under floors, in walls, under cabinets, inside washing machines. under […]

18 Jan 2023

    Is Radon A Problem In My NJ Area?   Radon is present all over New Jersey. The EPA has a zone chart on its website. This chart will help determine the level of Radon in a given location. Does Radon have a presence in NJ? Most certainly, yes.   Define Radon   Radon […]

29 Dec 2022

    Formaldehyde Presence In The Air You Breathe   Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring compound that presents in the form of strong-smelling gas. Formaldehyde is found in plants, animals and humans. It is found in many building and household products that are in everyday use and can pose a threat to your health. Mold […]

14 Dec 2022

  Mold Testing   Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified professional mold testing service offered to Bergen County, New Jersey and surrounding area homeowners. When you feel there is mold present in your home we come in and determine whether you actually have active mold. We discover the mold source and how widespread the mold […]

25 Nov 2022

    Volatile Organic Compounds   VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds. These are man-made chemicals produced in the manufacture of paints, some pharmaceuticals and refrigerants. VOC concentration is generally higher indoors than outdoors, sometimes up to 10 times higher. Some VOCs include a variety of chemicals which can affect your health. Using products that contain […]

21 Nov 2022

  After Mold Removal, You Should Re-Test   Re-testing after mold remediation is a good idea. Finding mold growing in your home is bothersome, and a little scary. Mold can be injurious to your health or to the health of a family member. When mold is discovered in your home and you have had it […]

25 Oct 2022

Mold In Your House In Winter   Although winter is the driest time of year in your house, you could still have mold growth happen. Moisture can be allowed to linger and cause mold. Winter precipitation can melt and drip and end up in walls, cabinets, the attic or the basement. You may not be […]