16 Apr 2021

Finding Mold Is Not So Easy   Home inspectors often find signs of the presence of mold in the homes of Bergen County residents. The mold is sometimes found through smell, or by signs of moisture that has been sitting for a while. Often a home inspector will have a suspicion that there may be […]

27 Mar 2021

How Can Mold Be Prevented?     Mold grows and thrives in damp conditions. Limiting the moisture inside your home is crucial to preventing mold from growing. Mold Testing NJ-NY offers expert mold testing and we are always available to determine whether or not you have mold growing in your home.  In the meantime we […]

16 Mar 2021

Mold Or Mildew? – Similar But Different   Mold and Mildew are similar in that they are both members of the fungus family. They both grow in dampness. It is easy to mistake one for the other, especially if you don’t know the difference. They are different in appearance, such as in color, form and […]

26 Feb 2021

Will Mold Testing Be Included In A Home Inspection?     Most home inspectors do not test for mold. If mold is present and visible, a home inspector will probably suggest hiring a mold testing service. If no mold is detected, then most likely there will be no test. Most home inspections include basics that […]

18 Feb 2021

What Is Indoor Air Quality?       Indoor Air Quality Inspections are to determine the status of the air surrounding you and your family in your house. Many times the air we breathe can be polluted. Allergies and respiratory issues, leading to long-term health conditions can be the result of living with air that […]

29 Jan 2021

Radon Testing in NJ     Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas present in most of New jersey. Radon can only be detected through testing. It is a health hazard and can cause types of cancer and respiratory illnesses. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. The Environmental […]

21 Jan 2021

Policies Differ   All insurance policies are different, and specifically, all homeowners policies are different. To determine whether mold testing is covered under your Homeowners Insurance you need to know what caused the mold. Knowing the root of a problem in your home usually determines whether there is coverage under Homeowners Insurance. The policy was […]

29 Dec 2020

  Mold is not always visible or readily detectable         Mold can be hidden and have no odor. It can exist and reproduce in your home without you knowing. As mold grows it can threaten the health of your family, and the integrity of the surfaces of your home. A qualified mold […]

16 Dec 2020

Mold Is One Of The 4 Most Common Home Health Hazards   Testing will determine whether there is mold present in your home. Mold is one of the  4 most common home health hazards, along with lead paint, radon, and carbon monoxide. If they are present, any one of these can affect the health of […]

17 Nov 2020

Is Bleach the Way to Eliminate Mold?   The answer to “Does Bleach Eliminate Mold?” is yes, and no. Bleach can clean up mold on hard surfaces such as countertops, floors, walls, inside the refrigerator. Bleach cannot however clean hidden mold contained on porous surfaces such as carpets, drapes, furniture. There is also the problem […]