23 Feb 2024

  Mold in Newly Built Homes   Newly constructed homes sometimes have mold forming in the walls and foundation. The builder may have been in a rush to finish a new home and didn’t allow enough time for the foundation to dry. Energy efficiency in new houses calls for tightly sealing them and this can […]

24 Jan 2024

  Lead-Based Paint Inspection   Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Lead-Based Paint inspector with the required licenses and official certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We offer Lead-Safe Inspection and Testing services to homeowners in Bergen County NJ and nearby surrounding areas. Certified Lead Paint inspection is recommended in NJ.   Is […]

28 Dec 2023

After Mold Has Been Removed, Inspect and Test Again   Re-testing after mold remediation has been completed can be beneficial. Having mold found in your home is unnerving and you want it dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a mold inspection and testing service. We do not remediate, we […]

21 Dec 2023

Is Radon Present In NJ?   Radon is present in most of New Jersey. The EPA has a zone chart on its website for reference that will help determine the level of Radon in your area. When Radon is present, there definitely are health concerns regarding Radon in NJ.     What Is Radon?   […]

21 Nov 2023

Mold Inspection And Mold Remediation – Very Different Disciplines   While the Assessment of or inspection for Mold and the Remediation process share commonalities, it’s essential to recognize that these are very different disciplines. Inspection and Testing for Mold is meant to discover, identify and characterize the problem, Mold Remediation is meant to eliminate it. […]

13 Nov 2023

  Having All The Necessary Mold Inspector | Mold Assessor Certifications   Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Mold and IAQ Inspection and Testing service located in Mahwah Bergen County, NJ. As Mold Assessor, we have helped many Bergen County property owners, as well as all of the nearby town neighbors, address their mold problems. […]

25 Oct 2023

Local NJ Basement Mold – Happy Halloween!  Halloween is coming, so we thought we’d publish some of the worst Bergen County, NJ, basement mold we have ever seen. In the spirit of Halloween, the greatest basement mold pictures we’ve taken in our 13 years (and counting) experience while testing and inspecting for mold in local […]

12 Oct 2023

    Action Is Essential: Inspect and Test For Mold After Flooding Experiencing a flood in your home can be devastating. You might even feel unable to figure out what to do, but swift action is needed and the faster the better! This is not only recommended for standard quality of living purposes but also […]

27 Sep 2023

    What Is IAQ?   IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality. We are all concerned about the Indoor Air Quality in the home we live in. The air surrounding you at home may be polluted by various factors and can cause allergies or more serious medical respiratory issues. Pollutants such as VOCs, MVOCs, Formaldehyde […]