31 May 2024

    Mold Inspection and Testing   Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified professional mold testing service offered to homeowners in Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas. When you suspect there is mold in your home we enter and determine whether you actually have active mold. We uncover the mold source and the extent of […]

31 May 2024

    Mold Forms When Moisture Occurs     After heavy rain many NJ homeowners experience flooding in their homes. This can be a devastating experience and you may not know quite what to do. Quick action is essential in the event of water in your basement or main living quarters. You want to get […]

29 Apr 2024

    Mold Forming In Your Home In Summer   New Jersey residents love the summer! Days spent at the seashore always create great memories. The weather isn’t always ideal, it’s usually hot and humid. Wet towels and bathing suits left lying on the floor in hot, humid weather are breeding grounds for mold. So […]

22 Apr 2024

    IAQ – Indoor Air Quality   IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality. The air you breathe in your NJ home can be polluted by various factors that cause allergies and respiratory issues, sometimes serious. Your air may be affected by VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), MVOCs (Mold Volatile Organic Compounds), Formaldehyde and Particulates. Mold […]

27 Mar 2024

    How Does A Mold Inspector Work?   Regular Mold Inspection and Testing is recommended by the EPA. This should be done by an experienced, certified Mold Testing Service such as Mold Testing NJ-NY. We have worked in many homes in Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas and have developed a loyal following of […]

21 Mar 2024

    VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds     Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals produced in the making of paints, some pharmaceutical products and refrigerants. Usually the concentration of VOCS is higher indoors than outdoors, at times as much as 10 times higher. Using products that contain organic chemicals can expose you and your family […]

29 Feb 2024

Can Bleach Be Used To Clean Up Mold?   Yes, bleach can be used to remove mold on surfaces where you can see it. Keep in mind, of course, that a tiny spot of any surface should first be tested to make sure it can withstand the power of bleach. Also remember that bleach should […]

23 Feb 2024

  Mold in Newly Built Homes   Newly constructed homes sometimes have mold forming in the walls and foundation. The builder may have been in a rush to finish a new home and didn’t allow enough time for the foundation to dry. Energy efficiency in new houses calls for tightly sealing them and this can […]

24 Jan 2024

  Lead-Based Paint Inspection   Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Lead-Based Paint inspector with the required licenses and official certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We offer Lead-Safe Inspection and Testing services to homeowners in Bergen County NJ and nearby surrounding areas. Certified Lead Paint inspection is recommended in NJ.   Is […]