15 Jan 2022

What Is Formaldehyde?     Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring compound. It usually presents in the form of strong-smelling gas that can change into different forms. Formaldehyde is present in plants, animals and humans, and can pose a danger to your health. It is used in many building and household products that are in every-day […]

30 Dec 2021

Mold And Mildew – Similar But Different   There are similarities between mold and mildew. They are both members of the fungus family and it is easy to mistake one for the other. Also they both tend to grow in moist conditions. Digging deeper, you will discover differences such as color, form and size. A […]

21 Dec 2021

Mold Can Be Visually Undetectable     There could be mold growing in your home and you won’t see it or smell it. It can reproduce and multiply in your home and go virtually unnoticed. Usually mold grows as a result of dampness settling in and spreading. When the mold grows it can threaten the […]

30 Nov 2021

Define Indoor Air Quality   When we talk about Indoor Air Quality we mean the caliber of the air surrounding you and your family in your home. Often the air we breathe can be polluted. The result of living with polluted air can be allergies or respiratory issues. These can lead to long term health […]

17 Nov 2021

What Is The Professional Process Of Mold Testing?   The EPA recommends that you call on a certified mold testing service to determine whether you have mold in your home. When you suspect the presence of mold, you will probably follow this advice. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a professional mold testing service with experience and […]

30 Oct 2021

What Are Signs of Mold In Your House?   If there is mold in your home will you see it? Not necessarily, often it is not visible. Mold can be visible and invisible. You should take any sign of mold seriously. You may think that if you can see the mold you can just clean […]

23 Oct 2021

DIY Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story   A Do-It-Yourself mold testing kit can be obtained and they are easy to use. What they aren’t is COMPREHENSIVE. One of these kits may help you discover mold, but they do have limitations. The extent of the mold, the exact location of mold, and the specific types of […]

12 Oct 2021

Mold In Winter     It may seem a bit early to think of winter problems, but “forewarned is forearmed” and it is a good time to think about the possible things that can go wrong in winter. Winter is generally the driest time of the year inside your home. Even though this is true […]

02 Oct 2021

What Is Radon?   Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is present in most of NJ and all over the U.S. Radon is only detectable by testing. It causes types of respiratory illnesses, and it is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in America. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that every home be […]

27 Aug 2021

Mold Testing May Be Covered   All Homeowners Insurance policies are different. They are designed to fit the needs of the homeowner they are protecting. Generally, knowing the cause of the mold determines whether it is covered under a Homeowners Insurance policy. The insurance coverage was undoubtedly written with certain risks in a particular home […]