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Airborne moldmold inspections bergen county nj is invisible spores floating in the airspace that is part of the reproduction and growth process. Air, both inside and outside, can be full of millions of spores which can cause a problem when breathed in by people. Of course, it is inside of our NJ homes that the spores cause the highest threat to our health. This is where a Mahwah Bergen County NJ Mold Testing Service comes in and accesses the danger to your health.

When mold is present in a home it typically reaches a point where it reproduces. Reproduction involves the creation of spores. The spores make it into the air when disturbed. While not everyone is allergic to mold spores there are plenty of people who are, roughly 20% of the population. However, allergies are not the only issue. Mold spores vary and many can be life-threatening when they enter the lungs. As a result, the quality of air is an important part of healthy living.  Enlisting a Mahwah Bergen County NJ mold testing service is a great place to start for testing the air in your home.

mold detection bergen county njOne of the biggest issues of mold in a home is the fact that getting rid of it visibly does not mean it does not continue to exist in the air. Drying up mold can force the spores to fly into the air. In addition, mold spores take flight the minute they are disturbed. This cause and effect is what makes mold terribly difficult to eradicate.

If mold has been discovered in your home there is a strong likelihood that mold spores are also in the air. The fact that these spores cannot be seen by the naked eye demands that an experienced mold inspector is contracted to conduct air testing for mold in your NJ home. Air testing should be conducted at different times as the concentration of spores in the air can differ throughout the day.

Experienced mold testing companies in Mahwah NJ and Bergen County NJ are familiar with the type of mold that exists in the area as well as the importance of thorough air testing. Whether you have visible mold in your home or are experiencing the health effects associated with mold in Mahwah NJ, our Mahwah Bergen County NJ Certified Mold Inspections can help reveal whether a problem exists.

About Mold Inspections in Bergen County NJ

Mold testing in Bergen County NJ enables a homeowner to determine whether mold is present in the home as well as what type of mold exists. If you suspect mold is present in your home it is important for your health to enlist the services of an experienced mold testing service. Mold Testing NJ-NY will help ensure the health and safety of your home. Contact us today to learn more!