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certified mold inspections mold inspector bergen county nj‘Mold Testing NJ-NY’, Mahwah Bergen County NJ-based mold testing services since 2011, brings peace of mind to local NJ residents and homeowners. Mold can go unnoticed in homes, living beneath the flooring, hiding in the walls, and floating in the air. Undetected mold can continue reproducing and growing, potentially causing health concerns along the way.  Our experienced NJ mold testing will include the collection of various mold type samples to then analyze them. A thorough analysis can uncover whether mold exists, and what type it is in order to lead the homeowner to a correct solution. We also offer Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspections, Lead Paint Inspections, and Radon Testing Inspections.

Sampling for mold Top Mold Inspections Inspector Bergen County NJis ordered when mold is clearly present or suspected to be present. If mold is visible, you may not need to test the areas in your home where it is in clear sight. However, if the visible breed of mold is manually eradicated and it grows back, then you will want to call ‘Mold Testing NJ-NY’ to inpect the mold and see if the problem is of a more serious nature. Sampling surface areas will be helpful, offering the resident certainty after an infected area has been cleaned. Our qualified mold testing is done based upon training to follow strict standards and guidelines. Our mold inspection offers a thorough sample(s) analysis of any mold collected in a home.

Mold tends to thrive in damp environments. While mold is not always a threat, it can cause allergies, breathing problems, and health issues for some people. Black mold is the type most people are familiar with, but invisible mold is often the biggest threat. When invisible mold reproduces, the spores can be inhaled and exhaled completely unnoticed.

The health of a home and its occupants is the biggest reason for testing. We welcome the opportunity to put your concerns to rest, and to answer any and all questions you may have. Contact the team of mold inspectors at ‘Mold Testing NJ-NY’ to learn more about our New Jersey mold testing services.


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