Wyckoff NJ Lead Paint Inspections Lead Paint Inspector ‘Mold Testing NJ – NY’ is a certified Lead Paint Inspector for Wyckoff, NJ. We maintain all the required lead paint inspection licenses and certifications, including official certification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to conduct Renovation, Repair, and Painting Activities.

We offer Lead Paint Inspections | Lead Safe Inspections and Testing to local Wyckoff, NJ homeowners and property owners. While we are Bergen County, NJ-based, as your ‘lead paint inspector’ we also serve Union County, Passaic County, Hudson County, Essex County, Morris County, and Sussex County, NJ as well as Rockland County, NY, Orange County, and Westchester County, NY!


What Is Lead or Lead Paint, What Hazards Are Associated With It?

Lead is a toxic and naturally occurring element in our environment. Lead is used in commercial products such as gasoline, cosmetics, spices, pottery, and PAINT! In children, lead can cause nervous system and kidney damage, as well as cause learning disabilities and ADD (attention deficit disorder). Sometimes, it can cause specific behavior, speech and language problems, hearing damage, and limited muscle and bone growth. To avoid such things, a Lead Safe Inspector can determine the lead level in your Wyckoff home’s atmosphere with a lead paint inspection.

Lead-based paint is generally not hazardous if it is kept in good condition. When the surface painted with lead-based paint deteriorates and chips, cracks, or becomes damaged, it can become a hazard and should be attended to. Lead dust forms when surfaces are damaged, and it then enters the atmosphere, so do not let this happen in your Wyckoff, NJ property. 

Lead-Based Paint Inspections NOW
Required In Some Homes

Under P.L. 2021, C. 182, enacted by the State of New Jersey, all single-family, two-family, and multiple-rental dwellings must be inspected for lead. Following this law, municipalities are required to hire a Certified Lead Evaluation Contractor to perform Lead-based Paint Inspections. If lead-based paint is found, owners must remediate the problem. They must also report tenant turnover to the town and provide documentation that the abatement has been performed to any subsequent dwelling owners.

Dwellings that were built after 1978 are exempt. Dwellings that have been certified to be free of lead-based paint according to NJAC 5:17-3.16(b), and multiple rental dwellings that have been registered with the Department of Community Affairs for ten years and have no outstanding lead violations under the “Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law” are also exempt. There are other possible exemptions, refer to the Department of Community Affairs website for more information.

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