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mold testing bergen county njCertified Mold Testing NJ LLC is the top Bergen County NJ source for certified mold inspections and inspector services. We also offer Lodi NJ homeowners Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing & inspections.

Mold can go unnoticed in homes, living beneath the flooring, hiding in the walls and floating in the air. Undetected mold can continue reproducing and growing, potentially causing health concerns along the way. Experienced Lodi NJ mold testers will collect samples of various mold types and analyze them. A thorough analysis can uncover whether mold exists, what type it is and lead the homeowner to the correct solution.


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Lodi is a borough in Bergen County NJ. The borough is diverse and home to many Newark or NYC work commuters. Low crime and access to great amenities make Lodi a great place to call home.  Lodi was named after a city in Italy – Lodi, Lombardy.  Many people enjoy calling Lodi home simply because it is a low key community where people feel extremely safe. The Lodi school district offers a student to teacher ratio of roughly 14 to 1, including per- pupil spending higher than the national average, so families appreciate the quality schools provided for their kids. The recreation department provides a wide range of activities; there are roughly 13 parks, including a number of other mini parks. Families also appreciate the opportunity to test for mold by utilizing the services of Lodi NJ mold testers from Certified Mold Testing NJ-NY LLC.


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No Lodi NJ family should be concerned for the safety of their home when it comes to Mold.  Certified Mold Testing is experienced and knowledgeable about Lodi as well as the entire Bergen County NJ area. Certified Mold Testing is also certified by the ‘International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants’ as well as a member of the ‘Indoor Air Quality Association’