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‘Mold Testing NJ-NY’, a Bergen County NJ based mold testing service, brings peace of mind to resident homeowners of Oakland, New Jersey. Mold can go unnoticed in homes, living beneath the flooring, hiding in the walls and floating in the air. Undetected mold can continue reproducing and growing, potentially causing health concerns along the way. Experienced Oakland mold testers will collect samples of various mold types and analyze them. A thorough analysis can uncover whether mold exists, what type it is and lead the homeowner to the correct solution.

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Oakland is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey. This township is home to over 12,000 people and has been ranked the 11th Best Town For Families 2017 by New Jersey Family.  Over 90% of Oakland residents reside in a home that they, or their family own. With a median income of over $110,000 and an average home price of $438,000, Oakland residents should take proper care and provide preventative maintenance to protect their investment. ‘Mold Testing NJ-NY’ provides mold testing services to Oakland, NJ and its surrounding areas.

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