20 Nov 2018
NJ mold testing

NJ Mold Testing Question of the Week: Does Bleach Kill Mold?


NJ mold testing

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The NJ mold testing question of the week is: Does Bleach Kill Mold? This is a very common thought. Bleach is, after all, a known killer of germs and bacteria. However, is beach truly powerful enough to kill mold completely? Whether bleach will be effective at killing mold is completely dependent upon the surface where the mold is growing. Your New Jersey mold testing professional will be able to identify where mold is growing but eradicating the mold will involve hiring a mold remediation company.


In a home, mold is most visible in damp areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Mold is easily cleared away from these areas with the use of bleach. Bleach is an effective killer of mold on non-porous surfaces like stone, glass, and granite. When mold appears on the shower door or wall it can be cleaned and killed. It does however grow back if the dampness is not managed correctly.

Bleach Is Not The Only Answer For Killing Mold

Bleach is not an effective killer of mold on porous surfaces like wood, fabric, and wallpaper. The good news is, however, that there is another household product that can kill mold on these surfaces: vinegar. When used correctly, vinegar is an effective killer of mold on these permeable surfaces. Of course, the real challenge comes with hidden mold, regardless of what type of surface it is growing on. Simply put, if you cannot find the source of mold growth in your home, you will never completely eradicate it on your own.

A Bergen County mold testing service will be instrumental in helping you discover where mold exists in your home. This is an important step in getting mold eliminated. While visible mold offers an opportunity to clean and kill it, this can also be a sign that hidden mold exists.

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