31 May 2024



Mold Forms When Moisture Occurs


Mahwah NJ - Mold Testing After A Flood


After heavy rain many NJ homeowners experience flooding in their homes. This can be a devastating experience and you may not know quite what to do. Quick action is essential in the event of water in your basement or main living quarters. You want to get rid of the water and dry things out. The longer moisture is allowed to stand the more likely mold will form. If moisture has been allowed to remain for more than 48 hours, mold will probably start to grow.


Get To Work Right Away


Once the water level has subsided and it is safe to walk on surfaces, remove all of the wet materials. Getting to work on this quickly cannot be over-emphasized. Sump pumps, fans and dehumidifiers are very helpful. Opening windows and doors to get air flowing is a good idea. Once you have removed everything that got soaked, and have wiped the wet surfaces as well as possible, you should call a professional Mold Testing Service. Mold Testing NJ-NY is such a service and we work mostly in Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas. We inspect and test for mold formation using Infrared Thermal Cameras and Moisture Meters. If necessary we will recommend mold remediation.


Mold Forms Quickly – Help Is Available!


Calling a certified and qualified Mold Inspector to test the atmosphere for mold formation is necessary after a flood. Mold can start to grow quickly after a flood and you want to take the necessary precautions to prevent a major mold infestation. Mold can cause allergies and sometimes serious illness.

Mold Testing NJ-NY is always ready to inspect and test for mold after you have had a flood in your home. We do comprehensive inspection and testing but we do not do remediation. We will recommend remediation when deemed necessary, which isn’t always the case. Having a mold inspector test for mold and a separate service clean up the mold is in your best interest. This way you will have an unbiased report on whether or not you have mold growing. Hopefully you don’t.

For professional inspection and testing for mold after a flood, call Mold Testing NJ-NY at (201) 658-8881.