29 Apr 2024


Mahwah NJ - NJ Summer Weather and Mold


Mold Forming In Your Home In Summer


New Jersey residents love the summer! Days spent at the seashore always create great memories. The weather isn’t always ideal, it’s usually hot and humid. Wet towels and bathing suits left lying on the floor in hot, humid weather are breeding grounds for mold. So is condensation from refrigerators and air conditioners. Rain sometimes leaves puddles near windows and doors. Moisture on the floor and walls should be wiped up right away. Humidity in the basement can be kept in check with a humidifier. Good ventilation is important at this time of year. Being proactive about keeping an eye on areas that collect water in your home is essential to prevent the formation and growth of mold. Warm humid weather in NJ can result in too much moisture in the air in your home, and the growth of mold.


Inspection And Testing To Determine The Presence Of Mold


Some mold is visible or detectable by smell. But some mold is wafting on the air and you don’t know it is present. To determine whether you have a mold problem you need to have an inspection. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Mold Inspection and Testing service that has helped countless Bergen County NJ and surrounding area homeowners discover mold issues. Our knowledge and experience allow us to determine the presence of mold, the extent of the formation and what type of mold is present. Mold Testing NJ-NY wants fellow NJ residents to enjoy summer without the possibility of health problems caused by the presence of mold in their homes. For an inspection appointment we can be reached at (201) 658-8881.