18 Apr 2023


Mahwah NJ Lead-Safe Inspection and Testing Services


Lead Safe Inspection and Testing


Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified Lead-Based Paint inspector. We have the required licenses and official certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We offer our Lead-Safe Inspection and Testing services to homeowners in Bergen County NJ and nearby areas.


Why Inspect And Test For Lead In Paint?


Lead occurs naturally in our environment. Paint is one product in which lead is found, and if painted surfaces are kept in good condition it is not a hazard. When the paint is chipped or cracked and the dust enters the atmosphere is when it becomes a danger to the health of humans. Lead is also found in commercial products such as gasoline, some cosmetics, spices, and pottery. Lead can be the cause of learning disabilities and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in children. It can also result in speech and language problems, hearing damage, or limited muscle and bone growth. Having a Lead Paint inspection and test by a Lead-Safe inspector such as Mold Testing NJ-NY is in the interest of avoiding these issues.


NJ Requires Lead-Safe Testing In Certain Cases


If lead-based paint is found in any single-family, two-family and multiple-rental buildings the owners must clean it up. This is under a regulation enacted by the State of NJ. Tenant turnover must be reported to the town, and the owners of rental properties must provide documentation of the abatement to any new owners of said structures. Dwellings built after 1978 are exempt. Dwellings certified to be free of lead-based paint, and multiple rental dwellings registered with the Department of Community Affairs for 10 years and have no outstanding lead violations are also exempt. Details regarding this are available on the Department of Community Affairs website.


Certified Lead-Safe Inspections and Testing


Mold Testing NJ-NY offers certified Lead-Safe Inspections and Testing. Our licenses and certification are in place. For our lead-based paint inspection services call us at (201) 658-8881. Mold Testing NJ-NY is here to provide Lead-Safe Testing in NJ.