08 Sep 2017
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Most Common Mold Hiding Spots

Household Mold Hiding Spots | Certified Mold Testing

Knowing the most common mold hiding spots is helpful when looking for mold. Knowing where mold hides also helps to avoid mold in the first place. Mold loves to hide. Sometimes these hiding places are easy to find, other times not so much. The key to finding mold and its hiding places is having an awareness of damp places in your home. From hiding on dishes and inside cadets to underneath carpets and inside the walls, hidden mold has the opportunity to take hold and grow. A NJ mold inspection company can determine if mold is present and just how widespread the issue may be.

The most common hiding spots for mold include generally wet spaces like the refrigerator drip pan, the gasket on a front loading washing machine, and on dishes that are not quite dry when they are stacked and put away. Another common hiding spot is the chimney. The chimney is a spot where dirt, debris, and rain falls. As such it is the ideal breeding ground for mold. Of course, another place where mold like to hide is in your HVAC system. The thing about mold is that it can hide easily.

If you can’t see mold you can’t clean it up and get it out. Knowing where it is hidden is helpful. If you find mold in a common hiding space you can often clean it up yourself. If you cannot clean up the mold it can be remediated by a professional. An important first step is mold testing. Certified Mold Testing is the authority on mold testing in Bergen County NJ. Testing for mold in Mahwah NJ and around the state is important to maintain a healthy home.

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Mold testing is equally important after mold has been removed. Knowing mold is present is important and remediation is not always successful. Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing today to schedule mold testing for your NJ or NY home. Our expert testers will make sure that if mold is hiding in your home we will find it. We know the most common hiding spots for mold and many that are not so common!

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