Inspecting for Mold in Fort Lee NJ


Mold Testing Fort Lee NJ

Mold Testing Fort Lee NJ

About Fort Lee NJ

Fort Lee New Jersey is a borough located in eastern Bergen County that derived its name from a military encampment, a role played here during the American Revolutionary War.  Located at one end of the George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee is in the New York City Metropolitan Area. It is home to a number of people who commute into Manhattan for work each day.  Residents of Fort Lee should keep their eyes on mold growth in their homes. By enlisting the services of Certified Mold Testing, Fort Lee NJ residents can feel safe and healthy in their homes.


Fort Lee Culture

One of Fort Lee’s claims to fame is the fact that it is considered the birthplace of the American film industry.  Filming and film production took place in the area in the early 1900s, where it thrived until Hollywood took over the industry in the 1930s.  While the hub moved west film in the area is still widely celebrated.  Fort Lee remains an area where film and television, and its history, are still a thriving industry in the area.

Culturally Fort Lee NJ benefits greatly from its proximity to NYC and a host of theater companies.  Shakespeare in the Park has been taking place here since 2007 with performances each Tuesday throughout the summer months. These free performances take place at Monument Park, a great opportunity for the entire community to enjoy classic theatrical performances.  Exposure to culture is a huge benefit to residents of Fort Lee.

Homeowners here can also test the ‘culture’ in their homes by hiring Certified Mold Testing Fort Lee NJ to see whether mold is present.  Keeping your family safe and healthy is easier with the services provided by Bergen County’s mold testing specialists.

Fort Lee Residents

Fort Lee has a diverse ethnic population and was known for a rather large Korean migration at one point. Koreatown is home to some of the area’s most popular Korean restaurants and shops. In addition there is a rather large Russian community as well as a strong population of Japanese-Americans. The diversity of the residents in Fort Lee adds to the quality of life here.  For those who call Fort Lee home, rest easy knowing mold testing services can determine where mold issues exist.

Mold Testing Fort Lee NJ

Mold detection is an important first step in eradicating mold from a home.  Certified Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC is the go-to source for mold testing in Fort Lee NJ.  Left undetected, mold can easily go wreak havoc on the structure of a home and the health of its residents.  Bergen County mold testing services provided by Certified Mold can offer peace of mind to families living in Fort Lee New Jersey and neighboring communities.