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Mold Testing NJ – NY LLC is the top Bergen County NJ source for certified mold inspections and mold testing services. We ALSO offer Hackensack, NJ homeowners Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing & inspections.

Mold can go unnoticed in homes, living beneath the flooring, hiding in the walls, and floating in the air. Undetected mold can continue reproducing and growing, potentially causing health concerns along the way. An experienced Hackensack, NJ mold inspector will collect samples of various mold types and analyze them. A thorough analysis can uncover whether or not mold exists, and what type it is. It’s what is necessary to lead a homeowner to the correct solution.

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Hackensack, NJ is the county seat of Bergen County. Being a mere 7 miles from the George Washington Bridge and roughly 12 miles from midtown, it is considered to be a suburb of New York City.  As a result, Hackensack is an ideal city for commuters. It is also a hub of activity for business and jobs!  In fact, Hackensack is a top spot for entrepreneurship in the state of New Jersey.

Hackensack, NJ has a rich history.  Similar to surrounding townships, the area was once populated by the Lenape Indians.  Settled first by the Dutch and then taken over by the British. Hackensack was originally farmland, swampland, and woodland.  The area was home to more than one battle during the American Revolutionary War.  However, today Hackensack, NJ is ethnically diverse and offers a variety of educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities.

Homes in the area run the gamut, from high-rise apartments to single-family homes. From luxury condos with views of the Manhattan skyline to simple suburban dwellings and everything in between. All homeowners in Hackensack can rest easy and ensure the health of their families with the NJ mold testing services provided by certified Mold Testing NJ, LLC.

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