10 Jan 2018
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NJ Mold Testing News: Mold Tops Grievance List With Home Inspectors

NJ mold testing

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When mold is discovered in a home it is due to moisture. However, while mold may be visible it does not necessarily mean there is a problem. Likewise, mold may not be visible but pose a real problem in a home. Any signs of mold during a home inspection should be followed up by a professional. A New Jersey mold testing company can examine your home for mold and determine how widespread the problem is.

Why is mold such a common claim against home inspectors? For one, most home inspections occur in homes that are occupied. This means that furniture, belongings, and appliances can be covering mold. Likewise, many homes for sale are freshly painted and cleaned and the presence of mold could be temporarily masked. Furthermore, most home inspectors are not mold aficionados.

Is your home inspector certified to test for mold?

Not all home inspectors are qualified or certified to test a home for mold. Home inspectors have a job to do and that is to inspect a home. A reputable home inspection company will provide a checklist of what is covered on a home inspection. Specialists are often needed if issues are revealed on a standard home inspection. These specialists could include an engineer is structural issues are suspected, a radon mitigation company if radon is discovered, and a mold testing service if mold is detected.

While mold can be visible and obvious it is also great at hiding. Mold reproduces through airborne spores, making it invisible. This invisible mold can be breathed in and enter the lungs. For some, this poses no issue, for others it can be a serious health threat. If your home inspection reveals a trace of mold it is certainly worth your while to hire an experienced Bergen County NJ mold tester to examine a home further.

Schedule mold testing today

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ-NY today to schedule your mold testing in New Jersey and New York. Your home inspection company may not be certified in testing for mold.  Our experts can locate mold and determine its cause. The area’s leading mold testing experts, Certified Mold Testing, can help ensure your home is a healthy home.

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