17 Jul 2017
Health symptoms of household mold

Summer Mold, High Heat & Moisture Brings Seasonal Mold

summer mold

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Summer is here and high heat and moisture can bring seasonal mold to your home. From wet towels and bathing suits to condensation created by air conditioning, dampness combined with heat and humidity create an environment for summer mold to not only grow but to also spread quickly. Hot and damp are a prime combination for incubating mold growth. Homeowners need to be cognizant of the signs and the presence of mold as it is quite possible for this type of toxicity to take hold and get out of control.  NJ mold testing services can ensure that you are aware of the presence of mold in your Bergen County home.

Avoiding Summer Mold

Excessive mold can cause damage to a home as well as to its inhabitants health. As a result, mold prevention is more cost effective than mold remediation. If you suspect mold in your home get it tested immediately. If no mold is present take steps to inhibit its growth. Keeping an eye on the temperature of a home is helpful. The idea is to take steps to interfere with the conditions that make mold grow.

Steps to reduce summer mold growth include keeping temperatures down by using an air conditioner and using a de-humidification system to keep moisture levels down. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on condensation dripping out of the air conditioner, underneath the refrigerator, and around the washing machine, to name a few. The dryer and cooler the home is the less mold friendly it is. Likewise keep wet clothing and materials from piling up on the floor. Hang bathing suits and towels and put them away when dry.

New Jersey Mold Testing

Understanding prime conditions for mold growth makes it clear why summer is an ideal season for growth. Mold can take hold and cause damage inside walls, and in hard to reach spaces. Because mold can grow behind the scenes it is essential to get your home inspected to reveal its existence. Certified Mold is the premier mold testing company in New Jersey. Contact our team today to schedule a test of your home. Keeping your home and your family safe from the dangers of mold starts with its detection.

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