12 Oct 2021

Mold In Winter



Mahwah NJ Mold Testing ServiceIt may seem a bit early to think of winter problems, but “forewarned is forearmed” and it is a good time to think about the possible things that can go wrong in winter. Winter is generally the driest time of the year inside your home. Even though this is true in your NJ home, there are still lots of ways mold can grow. Moisture can still find a way to linger and cause mold growth. It may be cold outside, but inside it is warm and winter precipitation can melt and end up in the walls, inside cabinets, in the attic or basement. It isn’t as noticeable in these places and so vigilance is the key. Keep an eye on places in your house where moisture can pool and result in mold growth.  Will mold grow in a NJ home in winter?  Very possibly.



Preventing Mold Inside During The Winter



Mahwah NJ Mold Testing ServicesSnow and ice can prevent proper drainage of water, and even redirect it. Check moisture prone areas regularly for leaks or condensation. Humidifiers, heating systems, plumbing systems can cause leaking water in different areas of your home. Prevention starts with being aware of possible moisture leaks. If you suspect there has been moisture present and might be causing mold, it is best to call a mold testing service such as Mold Testing NJ-NY for examination. We can advise remediation if necessary and hopefully prevent health problems for yourself and your family. We do not offer remediation, we only test for mold and other indoor pollutants. 



Learn About Mold Testing in NJ



If you suspect mold growth in your home, call the Bergen County testing service with experience. Call Mold Testing NJ-NY and we can ascertain whether there is actually mold growing and the extent of the growth. As our name suggests we test for mold in NJ and parts of NY. To schedule mold testing services at any time of the year, give us a call at (201) 658-8881.  Allow us to offer an answer to the question “Will Mold Grow In A NJ Home In Winter?”