27 Aug 2021

Mold Testing May Be Covered


Mahwah NJ Certified Mold Inspection ServiceAll Homeowners Insurance policies are different. They are designed to fit the needs of the homeowner they are protecting. Generally, knowing the cause of the mold determines whether it is covered under a Homeowners Insurance policy. The insurance coverage was undoubtedly written with certain risks in a particular home taken into consideration. A certified Mold Testing Service can determine the source of the moisture and whether mold has formed.  So, will Mold Testing be covered by Homeowners Insurance? The answer is “maybe”.


What is the Source of the Mold?


Mold is usually caused by moisture. The source of the moisture that is causing mold in your home will determine whether mold testing is covered by your Homeowners Insurance. Mold Testing NJ-NY serves Bergen County NJ and surrounding areas. We are mold testing experts, and we will discover the source of the moisture that is making mold grow, as well as the extent of the growth. Moisture is usually the result of plumbing issues, a leak in your roof, frozen pipes, or possibly a crack in your house’s foundation. These and other possible problems cause moisture and in turn result in the growth of mold.


What Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover?


There are policies that cover “all perils” and some that cover only “named perils”. This is something you need to discuss with your insurance agent. Regardless of the type of coverage you have, knowing the source of the mold will be important. Mold Testng NJ-NY is a professional mold testing service that will find the source of the mold.


Let Us Be Your Guide in Determining Mold Source


Mold Testing NJ-NY can determine if mold exists, where it originated, and the extent of the formation. This information can help you understand whether mold testing will be covered by Homeowners Insurance. Call us today for an evaluation. We can be reached at (201) 658-8881.