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Mold Testing NJ – NY is the go-to certified professional mold inspector throughout New Jersey and local New York. We offer a great deal of Wyckoff NJ area Mold Testing experience. We can be counted on locally for an appointment to test the property for mold, IAQ, Radon, or Lead Paint, as well as answer any questions. Being Bergen County NJ based, most testing can be scheduled and executed quickly for the local Wyckoff homeowner. Mold Testing NJ-NY is not a mold remediator, which can be in the homeowner’s best interest due to a potential conflict of interest between Mold Testing and Mold Remediation services.

Commuters who call Wyckoff, NJ home use the Bergen County mold testing services of Mold Testing NJ -NY to ensure that the home they come home to at the end of the day is mold-free.

Mold Testing NJ -NY is the authority on mold testing for Bergen County and Wyckoff, NJ. Contact the most experienced local mold inspector at Mold Testing NJ -NY today to learn more about keeping your home healthy. Whether you have seen or just suspect mold, testing for it is the first essential step. Call Mold Testing NJ – NY today, 201-658-8881.

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Wyckoff, New Jersey, is a township in Bergen County located about 27 miles from Midtown Manhattan. There is great public transportation available for commuters, including train and bus services. As such, Wyckoff is a popular spot for those who desire easy access to the Big Apple, yet want to live in an area where there is more freedom to roam at the end of the day. Wyckoff boasts a country feel, with a charming business district and a location at the foot of the Ramapo Mountains that cannot be beaten. The Ramapo Mountains are home to numerous hiking trails, including parts of the Appalachian Trail. Open space in the community lends itself well to recreation, offering playing fields, tennis courts, handball courts, and basketball courts. 

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