17 Nov 2020

Is Bleach the Way to Eliminate Mold?


Mahwah NJ Mold Testing ServiceThe answer to “Does Bleach Eliminate Mold?” is yes, and no. Bleach can clean up mold on hard surfaces such as countertops, floors, walls, inside the refrigerator. Bleach cannot however clean hidden mold contained on porous surfaces such as carpets, drapes, furniture. There is also the problem of mold in the air. You can’t use bleach to get rid of mold that you cannot see.  Your best defense against mold is to hire a professional mold testing service.


When Bleach Isn’t Effective, What Else Is There?


Bleach can clean up mold on surfaces where you can see it. Vinegar is also effective in cleaning mold from non-porous surfaces where it is visible. Invisible mold can’t be killed by these agents. You need to test for the mold that hangs in the air. This is the type of mold that can cause illness because you don’t know it is there and it lingers. In Bergen County NJ hiring a certified mold testing service like Mold Testing NJ-NY LLC is the best way to determine if mold exists, and to recommend remediation if necessary.


Learn More About Mold and Testing Services


The team at Mold Testing NJ-NY LLC has the expertise to detect the location of mold that is unseen. Let our knowledge and experience be your guide to mold detection. We test for mold, we do not remediate. We determine the location of the mold, and the severity of the formation. We recommend remediation when it is called for. Call us today for a very thorough mold test. We can be reached at (201) 658-8881.