21 Jan 2021

Policies Differ


Mahwah NJ Mold Testing ServiceAll insurance policies are different, and specifically, all homeowners policies are different. To determine whether mold testing is covered under your Homeowners Insurance you need to know what caused the mold. Knowing the root of a problem in your home usually determines whether there is coverage under Homeowners Insurance. The policy was written with certain risks in mind relative to your home. Does Homeowners Insurance cover mold testing? Possibly.


What Caused the Mold?


Mold usually forms as a result of moisture. The cause of the moisture-related mold in your home is what will determine whether mold testing is covered under your Homeowners Insurance. Mold Testing NJ-NY is the Bergen County mold testing service that will discover the cause of the moisture, and subsequently the mold, in your home.

Very often moisture is the result of plumbing issues, a leak in your roof, cracks in your foundation, frozen pipes. All of these things plus other unforeseen and unexpected mishaps will cause moisture. This moisture, if left to molder, can be the reason for mold to grow.


What Types of Risks Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover?


Most insurance policies, whether they are written to cover all perils or only named perils have exclusions. This is something for you to look into, probably with the help of your insurance agent. Regardless of the type of coverage you have, you need to know the cause of the mold. This is where professionals like Mold Testing NJ-NY come in.


Seek Professional Help Determining Mold Sources


Our staff at Mold Testing NJ-NY can determine if mold exists and where it started. Our expertise and experience can serve as your guide to whether you have mold and whether testing is covered under your Homeowners Insurance. Call us today for an evaluation at (201) 658-8881 – let us discover the answer to “Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Testing”?