29 Dec 2020


Mold is not always visible or readily detectable




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Mold can be hidden and have no odor. It can exist and reproduce in your home without you knowing. As mold grows it can threaten the health of your family, and the integrity of the surfaces of your home. A qualified mold testing service such as Mold Testing NJ-NY can examine your home for mold growth. This is the first step toward knowing if you have mold. Mold is not always readily detectable.


What are signs of mold?


Knowing the signs of mold is important. You probably wouldn’t think about testing for mold if you didn’t suspect it existed. Some signs of mold that are not visible include health issues like wheezing, coughing, painful breathing and headaches. Some mold also can be detected by smell.


Dampness is a prime environment for mold to grow


When you believe there is mold present in your home you should hire a mold testing service. If there has been flooding in your house caused by either a plumbing mishap or by heavy rain or snow, chances are mold will form. Mold grows in walls, in fabrics and under carpeting. It reproduces through invisible spores that can be breathed in. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a NJ mold testing service that covers all of Bergen County and the surrounding area. To protect the health of your family and yourself, if mold is suspected, hire a testing service.


Seek help from Mold Testing NJ – NY


We are a certified mold testing service that is ready to provide Bergen County homeowners with experienced mold detection and reporting. Allow our knowledge and expertise in the field to discover whether or not your house has mold, and how widespread the problem is. Call us today, we can be reached at (201) 658-8881. Mold Testing NJ-NY also offers certified Indoor Air Quality Inspections.