26 Jul 2018
Household mold and health issues

Household Mold and Health Issues

Household mold and health issuesHousehold mold and health issues often go hand in hand. While not all people are affected by mold, those that are can suffer greatly. A simple sneeze to a severe respiratory infection could be signs of a mold infestation. Understanding what type of health issues can be caused by household mold can help you discover a potential mold problem in your home. By staying vigilant and hiring professional help to test for mold in your home, you can help keep your family safe from the health issues mold can cause!

What Kind Of Health Issues Are Caused By Household Mold?

Mold-induced health problems include respiratory issues, allergies, and infections. Mold reproduces as spores in the air. These particles are often inhaled, causing irritation to the throat, mouth, and lungs. Often times, respiratory issues caused by mold are ignored and assumed as just an allergy. Especially when mold is not visible. The dangerous part is, mold can often be invisible! At least to the naked, untrained eye. We breathe in millions of various particles daily. Our lungs are made to fight off dangerous particles, however, sitting in a small room with a mold problem, the lungs can get overwhelmed and allow these particles to cause serious infections.

What Are The Symptoms Of Mold-Related Health Issues?

Health issues from mold are more likely to affect those with asthma or other breathing related issues but they can certainly present in healthy bodies as well. If you suspect you have a mold, there are symptoms to be on the lookout for. These symptoms include headaches, rashes, stuffiness in the nasal passages, wheezing, and itchiness in the throat. A good indicator that your sudden symptom is household mold related is if the symptoms go away after time outside of your home. If these symptoms persist then you should visit your doctor and hire an NJ mold testing service.

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