10 Mar 2020
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New Jersey Mold Testing: Difference Between Mold and Mildew

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New Jersey mold testing specialists often get asked whether there is a difference between mold and mildew. The short answer is “yes!”. However, there are similarities as well. Knowing the difference between the two is helpful but, if you are not sure, Certified Mold Testing LLC NJ are mold testing specialists that can determine whether it exists in your home and, if so, how widespread the problem is. And because we do not remediate, we have no conflict of interest.

Mold And Mildew Are Related

Mold and mildew are both members of the fungus family. Additionally, both mold and mildew love damp conditions. This means that both thrive and grow where there is moisture. This also means that both can be present at the same time. For this reason, it can be wise to hire a locally experienced Bergen County mold testing service to check for both.

Define Mildew

Mildew is visible. It will be either flat and black or a powder that is black, gray, or white in color. Mildew is most often seen in the bathroom, in the shower or bathtub, on the sink, or in the sink cabinet where water may have pooled or dripped. Additionally, mildew can appear on food, most often on fruit, vegetables, and cheeses. But, mildew can also appear on houseplants. The common thread is that mildew is found on surfaces.

Define Mold

Mold is a bit more complex than mildew because it can be both visible and invisible. Additionally, mold can adhere to more complex surfaces, like fabrics and carpeting. The mold that is visible mold has a texture, often looking fuzzy. Visible mold is typically black, gray, or green. When mold reproduces it does so through invisible spores. This invisible mold can be hiding in the walls or in the air.

Why Does It Matter?

The process of eliminating mold from a home is different from eliminating mildew. Mildew is easy to get rid of and anyone can accomplish this with bleach or another household cleanser. Mold, however, is another story. When a home tests positive for mold then a mold remediation specialist should be hired. Mold can grow and spread without notice. Furthermore, because mold can have an impact on the health of a home and its residents, it is important to eradicate it properly. The first step should always be to hire an experienced NJ mold testing expert.

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Contact Certified Mold Testing today for all of your Bergen County mold testing needs. Our team of experienced mold testing professionals welcomes the opportunity to answer all of your questions. Let our knowledge and experience help you understand the difference between mold and mildew. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ-NY LLC is the New Jersey mold testing service of choice!