08 Apr 2020

What Is The Difference Between A Home Inspector And A Mold Inspector?


Mahwah NJ Mold TestingThere is a difference between a home inspector and a mold inspector. Each one can benefit you in various ways. It isn’t easy to be proficient at both
inspecting homes and inspecting for mold. It takes an investment in time
and training to be a mold expert, and for most people this makes it an
unrealistic goal. This is why you should hire a specialist when you have
problems with water damage, condensation, leaks and floods or whenever you feel there is mold present. The overall condition of a property prior to purchase is something examined by a home inspector. The presence of mold and recommendations for how to get rid of it are scrutinized by a mold inspector.  Home inspectors often do not want to report mold concerns because it isn’t something they are actually trained for.


What Do Mold Inspectors Do?


Mold Inspectors examine your home looking for areas where moisture has been
present and mold is growing. Calling a competent mold inspector will save
time for the recommended remediation company, and money for the homeowner.
This inspection can take up to a couple of hours for a complete evaluation of
your mold situation. As mold inspectors only inspect for mold, they do not
offer remediation/restoration services. Upon completion of their inspection,
if they have found the presence of mold, they will recommend needed remediation.
There may not be a significant enough problem for remediation, but if there is
they will offer advice on how to proceed. It is always wise to hire an inspector
who has experience in detecting mold, in other words, years of dealing with this
very specific problem.


Mold Testing NJ/NY Is Ready To Test for Mold


Mold Inspection and Testing is our full time business and we stand ready to give
every client our full attention. Mold can be a serious health hazard and you
should be aware of that when there is mold present in your home. If you suspect
mold or can actually see mold growing, call us today at (201) 658-8881.