20 May 2020

Heat and Moisture Provide Ideal Conditions for Mold 


Mahwah Mold TestingThe weather is still cool even though it is late May. Summer temperatures will soon appear and that means hot and humid weather. Hot, humid conditions are just the environment mold and mildew thrive on. Any place in your home where moisture is allowed to collect is an area where mold can develop and spread. Being aware is essential, and an inspection for mold by a qualified inspector will determine whether or not you have a problem. Mold and mildew, although different, can grow in the same places.  Summertime is often very humid and a prime time for mold to appear.


What are Signs of Mold?



Mold is black, colored, or sometimes invisible. Signs of mold usually appear in laundry areas, under refrigerators, around air conditions, and in the bathroom. When you see mold, you can clear it with bleach, but there could be more that you don’t see. It reproduces and the spores are often not visible. A mold testing service can determine whether mold is present and how widespread it is. A mold infestation can cause health problems such as respiratory issues. In this time of Covid-19, this is especially troubling.


Can Mold Be Controlled?



You can control mold by being aware and taking precautions. Don’t let wet items such as bathing suits and towels lie around in a pile on the floor. Always hang these things up where they can air dry. Areas around air conditioners and refrigerators collect moisture because of condensation. Keep an eye out. A dehumidifier might be a good idea.


Test For Mold


The best way to determine if you have a mold problem is to hire a mold inspector. At Mold Testing NJ-NY we pride ourselves on helping hundreds of homeowners find solutions to their mold problems. We are experienced and responsive, and will recommend the best way for you to get rid of mold. Call us today at (201) 658-8881 to schedule an appointment for mold testing this summer.