15 Jun 2020

Mold Elimination Is A 3-Step Process


Mahwah NJ Mold TestingEliminating mold from your home is a multi-step process. First step is to test for possible mold and determine where it is located and what caused it. Step number two would be to have the mold removed, this is known as remediation. Step number three is to have your premises re-tested for mold to be sure it has been completely removed. These steps should be completed by two different entities. Steps one and three should be done by a certified mold inspector, and step two should be done by a mold remediation contractor. Ideally these two should not be one and the same. Having your home tested for mold by the same person that cleans it up presents a conflict of interest. Lets go over the steps for getting rid of mold once more.


Step No. 1



To determine whether mold is present, what kind of mold there is, and its location comes first. When you can see mold, smell mold or are experiencing health issues related to mold, you need a mold test. This first step should be done by a professional mold testing expert. Mold Testing NJ-NY is a certified mold testing company with many years of experience. We only test for mold, we do not remediate.



Step No. 2



After you have received a full report on the presence, type and location of mold in your home, you should call a remediation contractor to have it removed. The test result is important for this step to be accomplished. The people who clean up the mold need to know where the mold is and what type of mold it is. Mold can also be hidden in the air, walls and even in textiles. Remediation can only be done when it has been determined that there is mold present, where the mold is, and the type of mold identified.



Step No. 3



When the process of remediation of the mold in your home is completed, you should have the premises re-tested. To know that the mold has been completely eradicated, a follow-up test is indicated. This will allow you to feel confident that there is no more mold present.  Mold Testing NJ-NY will come back and re-test, ensuring you that mold no longer exists in your home.  This completes the 3 steps for getting rid of mold in your home.



Schedule A Test For Mold



If you sense the presence of mold in your home, call Mold Testing NJ-NY today. Start the process with a professional mold testing service that has considerable experience in the field. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the process involved in restoring the healthy environment of your home. Call our team at (201) 658-8881