20 Jul 2020

What Kinds Of Mold Exist in New Jersey?


Mahwah NJ Mold Testing ServicesKnowing that different types of mold exist in a given area help you determine what to look for. You will also learn how the mold can affect your home and the health of the people in it. Finding mold is not as easy as looking for it, because not all mold is visible. Mold that is hidden and mold that is airborne are dangerous because you are not aware of their presence. If you see mold, chances are that there is also invisible mold present. Mold Testing NJ-NY is experienced in locating mold, visible or airborne. We want your New Jersey home to be a healthy mold-free environment.



Mold Is Common Everywhere



Mold exists everywhere in the world. Outdoors it can be on the ground and growing in trees. That is nature at work and relatively harmless. In your home, mold can cause health problems. It can grow without your knowledge and become the reason for certain health issues.



The Types Of Mold That Cause Health Problems



There are 4 types of mold that can be health worries. They are:

All four of these types of mold thrive in damp conditions. The reproduce in the air and can enter your lungs, causing adverse conditions. They are usually found in specific areas in your home. Alternaria is mostly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Cladosporium and Penicillium like fibers and are most often found in carpeting and fabrics. Aspergillus makes its home in insulation, and also on food.



Knowing Where Mold Is Growing Is Critical



Knowing you have airborne mold is important for its removal. Where it is hidden is critical, and Mold Testing NJ-NY are experts at locating airborne mold. We examine every corner of your house and locate the mold and analyze its danger to your family’s health. Once mold has been detected, we can recommend a plan for remediation. Testing for mold in Bergen County homes is our business and we apply our experience toward alleviating the concern of unhealthy mold in the air.



We Test For Mold All Over New Jersey



Mold Testing NJ-NY inspects homes all around New Jersey and in parts of New York for the presence of mold. It is important to be aware of mold, and how it can affect your health and your home. We are focused on locating mold, identifying the type of mold, and advising on how to get rid of mold. The health and welfare of the people of New Jersey are important to us. If you think there is mold present in your home, give us a call at (201) 658-8881 for an evaluation.