10 Aug 2020
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Is Mold Always Visible? | Bergen County NJ Mold Inspection

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“Is mold always visible?” The answer is an emphatic no. In fact, the need to hire an NJ mold testing service like Certified Mold Testing, LLC stems from the fact that mold is not always visible to homeowners. Mold hides in the air, in the walls, in fabrics, and under carpets. In addition, it is important to understand that mold that is visible will not reveal how much hidden mold is present. A qualified New Jersey mold tester knows how to determine whether mold exists as well as how widespread its existence may be.


How Do I Know If I Have Mold?


Many people do not think about testing for mold if they have not witnessed visible signs of mold. The fact that mold can hide makes it possible to continue to thrive, expanding its presence unbeknownst to residents of a home. When water damage has occurred it can be a great idea to get your home checked for mold. There are many signs of hidden mold to check for if you are concerned about household mold. These signs include increased asthma, odd smells and even severe headaches. If you & your family are experiencing new, allergy-like symptoms, you should consider having your home tested for mold. 


I Hired A Mold Remediation Company, Am I Safe?


Once remediated, homeowners should consider hiring mold testing services to ensure that the mold has been completely eradicated from the home after treatment. Certified Mold Testing performs post-treatment mold tests in homes throughout New Jersey and New York.


Learn More About Bergen County Mold Testing Services

Contact our team at Certified Mold Testing NJ-NY to learn more about our Bergen County NJ mold testing services. We welcome the opportunity to help you understand the basics of household mold and the mold testing process. Let our knowledge and experience help you discover whether mold exists in your home, and if so, how widespread the issue may be. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ-NY LLC is the premier mold testing service in New Jersey and New York.