19 Feb 2020
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When Does a NJ Home Inspection Include Mold Testing?

Professional NJ Mold Inspection by Bergen County NJ Home Inspector

Does a New Jersey home inspection include mold testing? Most likely the answer is “no”. If mold is visible then hiring a New Jersey mold testing service will be recommended by most home inspectors. However, if mold is not clearly present then mold testing is unlikely to occur.

The typical home inspection covers the basics and the obvious. Mold can hide and is, therefore, not always obvious. If you know that water damage has occurred in a home then you may want to hire the expert services of Certified Mold Testing, the NJ mold testing company of choice.

Can Mold Be Included?

The home inspection process is meant to determine the overall health and condition of a home. This is almost always conducted as part of the contingency process in a real estate transaction but can take place as a check-in for a homeowner. While mold testing is not included in a typical home inspection, it certainly can be. However, not all home inspectors are even certified to test for mold. In the event a buyer or homeowner wants to test for mold he will hire an experienced New Jersey mold tester.

What If Mold Is Found?

Signs of mold should be followed up by mold testing. If a NJ home inspector finds signs of mold he will recommend that mold testing occur to determine how widespread the issue is. Mold can hide in walls, fabrics, and the air. As such, visible mold should always lead to testing to ensure that the problem is not more widespread.

Mold Testing Company Expertise

The health of a home is critical for the health of its inhabitants. A home inspector is excellent for basic information, but when issues are discovered, experts will be needed. This is true for structural issues, radon, and mold, among other common home inspection issues. Mold reproduces via invisible mold spores in the air, making Bergen County mold testing services essential to uncover the unseen.

Learn More about NJ mold testing

Contact our team at Certified Mold today to learn more NJ mold testing. We work with local home inspectors to ensure that you know the exact condition of the home you are purchasing. Let our knowledge and experience help you discover whether mold is present in your home. Certified Mold Testing Service NJ-NY LLC is the premier mold testing service in New Jersey and New York. We will be a part of your NJ home inspection whenever necessary!