11 May 2018
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NJ Mold Testing Q & A: Should I Test For Mold After Mold Remediation?

should I test for mold after mold remediation? | Certified Mold Testing Bergen County NJ

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This week’s NJ mold testing Q & A, we answer the question: Should I test for mold after mold remediation? 

Finding mold is not a pleasant feeling. You may have been experiencing health issues in the past from the mold in your home, or you may have caught it before it could cause any damage to you or your families wellbeing. But, no matter what, you’re never going to want to deal with the pain of having mold in your home again.

I Hired A Mold Remediation Company. I’m Clear Of Mold, Right?

Not necessarily. Homes have many nooks & crannies that mold can hide in. Mold could be visible in your basement, or attic or even under your cabinets. But there are many places that you cannot see where mold spores may be hiding. A mold remediation company is going to do their best to clear the mold from your home, but if they do not clear all of the mold, it can quickly come back.

The Mold Remediation Company Told Me I Am Free And Clear Of Mold!

Without sounding too pessimistic, I have to say that it is in the mold remediation company’s best interest to tell you that they removed all of the mold in your home. After all, it’s what you hired them for. Therefore, asking that same company to do a post-remediation inspection isn’t going to do much to ease your mind. While this advice might sound mistrusting or full of skepticism it nonetheless is an important fact to embrace. You need to know whether the remediation was performed correctly.

So, How Can I Be Sure That The Mold In My Home Is Actually Gone?

After remediation has occurred you should hire a mold testing service to test once again. The ideal timing for this test is 48 hours after the completion of remediation and it should never be completed less than 24 hours after the completion of remediation. By hiring a Bergen County Mold Testing Company, rather than a Remediation Company to inspect your home after a treatment, you are ensuring that you’ll receive an unbiased, trustworthy analysis of the state of your home’s health. 

Important things to note: Any air purification system in a home should be turned off. In addition, windows and doors should be closed. Keep in mind that it is also important to conduct the post-remediation testing prior to any renovating being done.

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